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Pet Brush - Pet Brush~Bamboo

Pet Brush~Bamboo

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This double sided bamboo pet brush is perfect for grooming short-to-long fur types. This sustainable alternative to plastic pet brushes helps to gently remove tangles from your pet's coat. The plant-based bristled side is designed to untangle fur, improve overall coat fluffiness and shine as it gently cleans away dirt and excess hair. The round-tipped stainless steel pin side will help loosen matted coats and undercoats making it easier for you to brush out your furry friend.

Large: 9 ” - Bristled portion is 4.25"x 2.25"

Instructions: Brush in the direction of your pet's coat starting near the head. Use the metal pin side to removes tangles, and the sisal side to smooth out the coat as needed.

Made from sustainable bamboo and natural rubber with 100% sisal plant fiber bristles and metal pins. Zero plastic.

Air Hole: All our brushes are designed with one bristle missing on the bottom portion of the brush. This hole provides necessary ventilation for air to escape as the rubber pad moves during brushing. Additionally it allows for water to drain, preventing bacterial growth that could occur from water pooling inside the brush. 

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