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Our Values

In the beginning...

We began this journey into making handcrafted soap as we became more conscious of the hazardous materials that are used in every day household products and cosmetics.   It also deeply concerns us that so many animals are still being used to test the hazards of these products.  Everyone learns early in life that you do not put soap in your eyes, it stings, and it is certainly not very tasty.

Our Promise to You

We promise to always give you our very best effort.  We will make sure our products only use the highest quality ingredients in everything we make.  In addition to test washing with every batch to ensure our soap is safe to use, each recipe is modeled in a professional soap making software to ensure it meets the highest standards.  We strive to always be ethical and sustainable in all of the decisions we make.
"I want every person to enjoy the benefits of using a quality handmade soap at a affordable price.  Whether it is charcoal face bar or peppermint foot scrub, I have made each bar with love and care, using only quality ingredients that are sustainable. Our time on Earth is short, we all should do our part to not leave a mess for the ones to come along after us.."​      
                                                                                Robin Lynn

Care & Cautions  

Thank you for taking our products into your home.  We encourage you to always use water in conjunction with our soap when cleaning the mind, spirit and body!. Many a fine bar of natural soap has been ruined when left in a puddle of water on the side of the tub.  To get the most out of your natural soap, place it on a well draining appliance such as our hand cut pine soap tray.
As with any skin product, if an irritation or rash develops please discontinue use.
If you have allergies, please note that our soap may contain nut oils and butters, please review the ingredients carefully.  Our soap cleans the outside of your skin however it should not be used to clean the inside of your skin or your eye balls.  Soap bars containing exfoliates should be used with caution.  

Did you know?

The average woman applies at least 15 personal care products before she gets to the breakfast table and over 100 toxic ingredients.  Remember the skin is the largest organ on the human body and it absorbs 60% of everything that it comes into contact with.  Our handcrafted soaps do not contain any toxic chemicals or by-products from animals that were harmed.  Be Naturally Clean. 

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