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Soy Wax Chips

Soy Wax Chips

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Enjoy all the scents in our soy wax chips you can use in your favorite melter. 

Lemongrass Verbena:  a beautiful blend of the aromas of wild lemongrass and verbena that has been harmonized with the scents of jasmine petals and a hint of cedar.

Cucumber: A fresh, crisp cucumber fragrance. Top notes of cucumber, green, muguet and citrus. Geranium and rose at the heart of the fragrance. A soft violet and musk at the base.

Freshly Picked Raspberries: Sun-kissed notes of sweetly ripened bramble berry succulently pervade tender, tart raspberries!

Coral Berry Melon: A fresh summer twist of coral berry, sweet raspberry, ripe watermelon and juicy cantaloupe.

Sunrise: A blend of Blood Orange & Gogi and Satsuma

Cherry Blast: A blend of Pomegranate & Pink Grapefruit 

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